Monday, April 9, 2012


KFC had always been my childhood food (Not the most favourite).
2 pieces meal with whipped potato and Persi.
After almost 15 years, I stepped into KFC on a Sunday afternoon
with Ms M trying to find back our childhood memory.
Taste still the same.
I am glad.
But our stomach now are not as strong as the time when we were kids.
After eating, both of us felt very 'oily' in our stomach. :(


Ah viv said...

my fav (^^)
chicken, whipped potato, cheese fries !!!

Priscilla Wong said...

eh? you also liked cheese fries? tokyo doesn't have? :D

Ah viv said...

Here no have ;(

Kazumi said...

I was tempted to eat KFC today but I didn't, cos I knew I couldn't eat so much.. Nowadays just a few bites is enough for my stomach..