Monday, April 9, 2012


This is really my best read of the month.

Picked up this book at Kinokuniya last Monday because the tittle
caught my attention.
Lately, I was curious about agriculture, thinking of farming as a living.

The book was written by Taiwanese writer wife and her husband, a chef
quit their full time jobs and moved to Taidong (臺東) to become farmers.
From knowing nuts about farming to becoming famous for their creative off-springs.
Author and husband been through up and down for the past five years.

Best part of the book is author wrote about her testimony of how God changed her
life and marriage.(Didn't know she was a Christian until I read chapter 2).
I was really touched by her.
So would want to recommend this book to my friends.
Even though you might not be interested on farming.
But the testimonies from the author mentioned in the book is worth reading. :)

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Ah viv said...

thanks for the recommendation.
hope you find your next path to move on :)