Friday, October 24, 2014


On my 40th birthday...

We left for Bali for 9 days to enjoy the sun and food. It was my first time visiting to this land and I must
say I felt in love with Ubud. It's not that I do not like Kuta, just that Ubud is more less touristy and
laid back, reminds me of kichijoji in Tokyo, where you street small interesting zaka shops. Then I realised there were many Japanese residents living in Bali.

Hubby asked me to choose something I like for birthday pressie so I chose a pair of silver rings from this brand Nanan, jewellery designer is a Japanese wife and husband is a Balinese, who handmade most of the bags in this cute shop at Ubud. Love to visit there again. And of course, I love my rings, thank you hubby :D

The food were so good and Bintan beer was awesomely cheap and good. Balinese are friendly and the rice field is awesome! With my dear husband, good beer, good food and nice scenery, I am contented.

Words can be hard to describe the beauty of Bali, I truly understand why people are so into Bali. I personally would love to make a trip back to Bali again.

It was a great memory on my 40th birthday. :D Thank you hubby.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I still remember my last tattoo was done on my right arm when I was just 24.
It's a monkey but somehow it always been mistaken as a gecko. I hated that design.
As I grow older, my design taste gets a little bit better so I thought I should do some
nice tats on my fingers.

Some might not know that tattoo artists usually will advise to avoid tattooing on the
fingers as tats tend to smudge and fade off easily on this thin skinned areas and touch up
is always required. I knew about the consequences as I am someone who is ok with
fade-off tattoo but not smudging. My tat artist reassured me that the percentage
of my triangles smudging is not so high but that only applies for the solid triangle and
not for the outline one. So eventually after 3 weeks, I might have to visit my tat artist
to have the outline triangle, filling up in full black if it smudges. I am well prepared for that.

So I posted this pixs to keep as a memory of how freshly and nice they look.
Let's see how they look like in 3 weeks time. Will post again.

Ps: The outline triangle is actually a glyph symbol of "CREATE", something I always been 
practicing as a designer. As for the solid black triangle, no special meaning, just somehow
or rather its a geometric shape that I like. I am a Christian, so that explains why the cross 
is being there.

Friday, October 18, 2013


My 39th Birthday was a normal day to me.
It was a special day to me when everyone does special things for me on that day.
Because everyday in my life for the last 39 years, I have loved by family and friends.
So Birthday is just another day.

Thank you my dad and mum for their ang bao.
Thank you my special dearest husband for keeping me company whole day
on this special day but most important everyday you are always the same to me. :D
Love you. ありがとう.
Thank you Ms M for her yearly home baked Birthday cake for the past 3 years.
You are such a dear and sweet friend for all this years.

I am blessed, Lord.
Thank you for the good 39 years.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Monday, September 9, 2013


Hubby and I made a trip to Perhentian island last week. Many might not know much about this island which is made up of 1 small and 1 big island. Perhentian Kecil and Perhentian Besar. Even someone like me, who live in the neighbouring country heard of this island for the first time. So you can imagine how much I looked forward visiting this islands.

The way to this island also not very very convenient as there is no direct flight from Singapore to the Jetty. So we took a night bus from Johore Bahru to Jerteh, small town just after kuala Terengganu and from there, we have to take a taxi to the Kuala Besut jetty which is about 15km. Then another about 25 min to 30 min speedboat ride to the small island (Perhentian Kecil) where we were staying.

Small island is popular among backpackers as they offer cheaper chalets. We stayed 2 nights on Coral bay on the island and last night on long beach. Of course, there were other beaches on the island and even private beaches. Long beach is good for swimming as there was literally nothing in the water. As for coral bay, may dead coral nearer to shore and still can see some if swim further up (according to hubby's experience when he was swimming at coral bay beach).

In general, we both prefer long beach. But I guess no matter where we were, the beaches there were generally beautiful. White sand and 3 tones blue sea water. It was lovely. Another thing I discovered is the food on this island was super super nice, be roti canai  (roti plata), seafood fried rice, to tuna cheese sandwich, they all taste awesome, I really enjoyed the food! But they are not so cheap than I expected. Of course, I knew island food is for sure not as cheap as main land but still relatively higher price compare to Tioman or even Desaru.

Snorkelling was good, got to see a turtle and small baby sharks for the first time, nice coral and good snorkel guide. The full day snorkelling trip was cheap and fun. I really enjoyed. But I also must say, not so crazy about the island chalet standard, RM100 per night at MAYA CHALET was really so so...for that kind of price, I could have stay a better chalet..The next one we stayed on our last night was also so so at RM80 per night.

So besides the stay, overall of this trip was very satisfactory. I gave a 80/100 to Perhentian Kecil.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Its been already 6 months since I quit my job in Feb this year. Besides resting, reading and travels, I indulged into a new hobby, sewing. Been doing this since Feb and I still enjoying now. This are some of my work I did lately, some new tops, a tote and recently, purse. This 2 items are actually sewn for my first customer. I am thinking of doing this as an online business, but more of a custom made aka made to order service. Just a thought and still brain storming how to go about doing this so that I can enjoy sewing and yet not killing my passion with too many orders.

Less mass production more niche.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Hubby and I did our annual trip back to his hometown in Hokkaido this Jun. Long trip for 15 days. Covered 1 night in Tokyo, Hokkaido and Osaka, being our final destination before we headed home on 6 Jul.

It was a good trip though I was totally exhausted... Busy meeting friends, eating, shopping, sightseeing and family onsen trip. Hokkaido's fresh fruits and vegetables and fish were the highlights of this trip. We had sushi for 3 times, my mother in law's healthy home cooked meals were so delicious that I must admit the I was impressed by how simple ingredients were and how fast to prep the meals was. I understand more on the importance of eating healthy food from my mother in law. Its always one the things that I always look forward when coming back to hubby's hometown.

As for Osaka, we did our best for that 1 night and 1 day before we depart to singapore. We tried the okonomiyaki, takoyaki which are the MUST food to eat when visiting Osaka. Osaka was not as bad as what people said about it, been dirty and smelly (ummmm, yes a little but still ok for me). Osaka people are bold in their talking and according to my hubby, Osaka is a capital of comedies. Naturally Osaka people are 'naturally' born comedians. Guess that was the reason they are always talking loud.

Thanks to many people around us who made this trip so fun and memorable to us. :D

• Tokyo skyTree, just a view from my guesthouse in Asakusa. • Soup curry is a must to eat in hokkaido. • Trying out my MIL's kimono. • Sushi are cheap and fresh in Hokkaido! • Mother in law's delicious home cooked meal. • Pizza created by hubby's hometown friend who is a baker. It's sticky Japanese imo (kind of potato) with mushrooms and cheese and thin crust. • Went to visit a flower park. • I was surrounded with wild flowers!!! • Hand picked strawberries, gift from hubby's aunt • Me getting ready for onsen. • Hubby's hometown is famous for shisamo, this grilled ones are my breakfast. We ate the entire fish. • Me posing outside a zaka shops, Osaka. • Takoyaki in osaka.